McKeever Energy & Electric, Inc.

McKeever Energy & Electric, Inc. is an electrical and solar contractor based in Arcata, California, that specializes in energy consulting and environmentally responsible construction practices. We are revolutionizing the electrical trade as a company that takes care of our staff, our customers, our community, and our beautiful planet. ME&E is forever challenging the status quo to accomplish this mission by conserving our natural resources, minimizing our environmental footprint, providing unparalleled customer care, and by creating one of the best places to work on the Redwood Coast. We aim to thrive culturally, environmentally, and financially.

Our team is dedicated to doing great things and cool projects. ME&E recently completed the installation of multiple ground-mount solar systems for the Arcata School District, an 126 kW rooftop solar system on the Arcata Technology Center, a half-megawatt ground-mount solar system in Palm Springs, seven electric vehicle charging stations throughout Humboldt County, and the electrical infrastructure for a commercial manufacturing facility that recently expanded in Arcata. We are in the process of completing a 500 kW ground mount solar system in Blue Lake, California.

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